26 GA Concealed Fastener


Concealed fastener metal roofing, constructed using 26 Gauge Concealed Fastener Panels, snap together, masking the pancake screws that are used to secure the panels. The concealed fastener metal roof allows for contraction and expansion due to temperature changes. Additionally, the concealed fastener feature makes it ideal for homeowners who want a clean smooth look to their metal roofing.
The cost of concealed fastener metal roofing differs by location but is generally worthwhile due to the peace of mind and aesthetics it provides to the roof and the homeowners. Instead of a roof covered with many exposed screws and caps, the concealed fasteners give a smooth, aesthetically pleasing look.
The extended durability of a concealed fastener metal roof exceeds that of a classic 29 GA exposed fastener roof. If the screws are driven too tight, there is no room for the metal to expand or contract due to heating and cooling. Adversely, the concealed fastener metal roof allows for expansion and contraction because of the placement of the concealed fasteners under the panel, and the form in which they are attached to the house.

26 ga metal roofing fastener, Image II by Metal Sales
26 ga metal roofing concealed fastener, Horizon by FABRAL

Take a look at this concealed fastener video to better understand how concealed fasteners work.


One thought on “26 GA Concealed Fastener
  1. Brent Tobler says:

    Looking for a price per square foot on Fabral standing seam metal roof in True Black. Either the Horizon S or the Climaguard, whichever is more economical. Would need approximately 750 sq.ft.
    Is the MS Metal Sales comparably priced? Or do they offer a lower cost option in black?

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